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Help Me Choose


Not sure what you are looking for? This page will give you a general overview of our product lines and their appropriate end uses. We have two main software lines - PatternMaster and Cameo. Cameo AND PatternMaster are totally separate product lines. You will never likely need to buy both. One product line will most likely suit your needs more than the other. Give us a holler if you are still not sure what's best for you. We will be happy to help.smiley

  • PatternMaster is a home sewing program designed to create custom sized sewing patterns for sewing enthusiasts and custom dressmakers.
  • PatternMaster is NOT licensed for creating patterns for resale or apparel manufacturing.
  • PatternMaster does not require any pattern making skill or experience.
  • Cameo is a professional pattern making program designed to create patterns for manufacturing.
  • Cameo IS licensed for creating patterns for resale.
  • Cameo requires pattern making, grading, and marker layout skills.

Fashion Design - Professional Patternmaking and Grading

    Cameo v7 is THE product for fashion designers and professional pattern makers. If you are looking to design your own pattern lines for resale or manufacturing, Cameo is perfect for you. If you need to create standard or custom sized patterns for individual clients, check out the Cameo Grading and Made to Fit modules.

    If you are new to computerized pattern making, our Digital Flat Pattern textbook and classes offered at Digital Pattern Making provide extensive training to help you make the most of Cameo.

Home Sewing - Apparel, Crafts, and Accessories


    Our PatternMaster product line offers 5 stand alone programs that create full wardrobes for women, men, and children. PatternMaster is sooo easy to use - just enter your body measurements, point and click to design your style, and print your full sized pattern.

    Our latest program - Style Match - analyzes your body shape and provides a detailed report on the best styles for you. Maximize your wardrobe options with Style Match.

    Crafts and Accessories

    Wild Things and Wild Things Pets programs provide a wide variety of hats, bags, accesories, and other craft patterns.

    Other Goodies

    Stitch-n-Stash© is THE software program to help you organize your sewing, quilting, embroidery, cross stitch, and needlework stash. Use your stash and save some cash!

Academic - Schools, Educators, Students, 4H

Small Businesses - Custom Dressmaking and Tailoring

    Our PatternMaster product line offers 5 stand alone programs that create full wardrobes for women, men, and children. With PatternMaster, you can quickly and easily create custom sized patterns for your dress making or tailoring.

Theater - Cutters and Costumers