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Educators and Students


Wild Ginger Software offers a variety of software products for educators and students in fashion design, theatrical costuming, home economics, sewing, and life skills programs.

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Click on the links below for a general overview of each product line and to get more information. Give us a holler if you are still not sure what's best for you. We will be happy to help.

College, University, and Trade School Fashion Design Programs

Educators at the college or university level will find Cameo v7 to be the perfect choice for teaching computerized flat pattern, grading, and marker making. We do offer educational discounts on Cameo to qualified educational institutions and instructors. Check our Product Pricing page for more details.

Middle Schools, High Schools, 4H, Cooperative Extension

Our PatternMaster and FREE Wild Things programs are perfect for middle and high school sewing programs, as well as 4H and Cooperative Extension programs.

Our Cameo software may also be of interest if you wish to teach more advanced pattern making, manufacturing, and fashion design skills.

College-level Students in Fashion Design or Theatrical Costuming

Cameo v7 and Digital Flat Pattern are a complete solution for students in college or university level Fashion Design programs. We offer substantial discounts to students in qualified programs making Cameo extremely affordable and available to anyone wanting to learn computerized pattern making and grading. Check our Product Pricing page for more details. PatternMaster Applause for Women v5 drafts women's historical garments from ancient times through the 19th century. Its perfect for high school and college level threatrical productions.