Who We Are

At Wild Ginger Software, we believe that:

  • digital solutions and computerization are the keys to maintaining a competitive edge in today's apparel manufacturing market ... or just getting a princess seamed dress to finally fit all of your body!
  • you should expect affordable pattern making software designed to meet your needs whether you are a custom clothing or tailor shop, an apparel manufacturer of any size, theatrical costume shop, or sewing enthusiast.
  • it is our main mission to give you a competitive and creative advantage for your sewing and pattern making goals.
  • user-friendly, inexpensive, pattern making software and quality apparel design related hardware should be the rule, not the exception.
  • we create the most comprehensive range of pattern making software ever offered, (if we do say so ourselves).
  • it is crucial that the pattern making software programmer also be a pattern making expert.
  • we are successful only if we continue to offer powerful, reasonably priced apparel pattern making software for the small to medium apparel manufacturer, the small custom clothing business, the theatrical costume designer, and the sewing enthusiast.