Customer Showcase


With programs from Wild Ginger Software, you can start your own business, increase the productivity of an existing business, or just make a little extra cash. We are proud to showcase some of our customers who use our programs in business.

All of our PatternMaster programs can be used to generate custom sized sewing patterns that can be used to make garments for resale.

Our Cameo professional pattern making software is powerful enough to use to start your own fashion label or line of custom sized sewing patterns.

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Following is a partial list of some of our highly successful customers.

Eric Finn Company

Fit Fashion Dog by María Teresa Medina Vázquez

Maria uses Wild Things Pets to create fashion forward and trendy dog clothes.

Hot Patterns

Hot Patterns was started several years ago by our favorite Brit Trudy and her husband Jeremy. Trudy uses our Cameo professional pattern making software to create, edit and grade her incredibly fun and trendy sewing patterns. She also uses Cameo to create the technical drawings and sewing guide sheets for each pattern.

Lillesol and Pelle

Lillesol and Pelle is a German company owned by Julia Korff. Julia uses Cameo to create her unique and fun line of children's clothing, patterns, and accessories.

Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns

Margo uses Cameo to create her line of historic costume patterns and technical drawings.

Nomad Gallery

Nomad Gallery uses PatternMaster to create their beautiful line of Bedouin inspired clothing.

Sew Tec

Patty Spiro owns Sew Tec - a detail oriented patternmaking and sample shop. In business since 1990, Sew Tec offer design consultation, precision patternmaking, prototype creation for clothing, soft toy designers, and fiber artists. In addition they offer precision sewing services for technical specialty fabrics, outdoor equipment, and high performance small boat sails.

For clothing patterns, Sew Tec has found Cameo to be quite useful in drafting initial slopers, and customizing and finalizing designs with the traditional flat pattern method.

There She Sews

Welmoed has used Wild Ginger software for many years. She creates stunning ball gowns each year for the Smithson Annual Gala in Washington D.C. Read Welmoed's blog for sewing and craft projects that have emerged from the "cluttered chaos that is her sewing room".

Threads for Life After School Sewing Program

Connie Tkach started this year long sewing programs designed for 5th and 6th Grade students at Meeker Elementary Schools in Puyallup, WA in 2007. Her goal is to help young people learn about themselves through fabric, building self esteem and confidence with every stitch. Connie's students use PatternMaster to create their custom sized sewing patterns.