Wildfire Hot Pads for Soup/Cold Pads for Ice Cream

A couple of months ago, I saw a tutorial for Hot Pads for Soup/Cold Pads for Ice Cream by Beth - the Renegade Seamstress. I love her stuff. I decided to make these hot/cold pads for Christmas presents for my family. I needed to make 20 hot pads and wanted them to be unique to each member of my family.

My Finished Hot/Cold Pads

Since we just launched our new Wildfire Digital Fabrics website, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase our new site. Wildfire Digital Fabrics is our the cutting-edge, eco-friendly and exclusive website. This latest technology combines our custom-sized sewing patterns with our new fabric print-on-demand service. This tutorial demonstrates how I made these fun gifts.

To make these gifts extra special, I created a cotton label for each one. I downloaded some free clipart, made a designer label for each family member and printed them on my home printer.

Cotton Labels

Create the Patterns

To make each hot pad unique, I created 40 11-inch X 11-inch (28 cm X 28 cm) rectangles in Wild Ginger's Cameo v6 program. I spaced them 1/4" (0.6 cm) apart to allow for the cutting lines to appear on the printed fabric. You can also create the rectangles in our PatternMaster Pattern Editor or programs that export to DXF such Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. You can also create rectangles directly in the Wildfire application using the Shapes tool. Follow the instructions in the Help Guide.

Rectangles Drafted in Cameo v6

NOTE: When exporting from Corel Draw, choose AutoCAD R11 as the export file format.

Figure 1

Layout the Patterns

To be able to upload the patterns and fill them with your own fabric prints and solid colors, you will need our Wildfire Digital Fabrics application for Windows. This application is totally FREE to download and use. You can download it from this link.

FREE Wildfire Digital Fabrics Application

  1. Once you have downloaded and installed the Wildfire Digital Fabrics application, launch the program and choose Layout on the Home screen.
  2. On the Layout Patterns screen, open the rectangles file.
  3. Press Setup and choose the fabric and press Apply. Remember to choose one of our 100% cotton fabrics. I chose the 100% Cotton Twill.
  4. Once the fabric rectangle appears, move your rectangles inside the fabric rectangle. The fabric rectangle will be blue on three sides and red on the right side.
  5. Press the Calc button to calculate the amount of yardage you will need for the number of hot pads you are making.
  6. Press the Upload button to open and upload your patterns to our Wildfire Digital Fabrics website.

Layout the Patterns

Add Fabric Prints and Solid Colors

  1. To create a unique hot pad for each family member, I chose a print from our extensive Gallery of textile designs to use for the front of the hot pad.
  2. NOTE: You can also design and upload your own fabric prints to make these hot pads even more special.
  3. After choosing the fabric print, I used our color picker to select a solid matching color in the fabric print to use for the back of the hot pad.
  4. Once I filled all 40 rectangles, I chose Process Fabric to save my selections and purchase the fabric.
  5. In about 10 days, I received the printed fabric that you see below.

Wildfire Gallery

Filling Sewing Patterns

I have to say, the printed fabric is stunning. The colors are exactly what I chose and very vibrant.

The printed fabric

List of Supplies

NOTE: To make your hot pads, microwaveable, you need to use 100% cotton for all of the supplies including the sewing thread.

  • 2 11-inch (28 cm) squares of 100% cotton fabric
  • 2 11-inch (28 cm) squares of 100% cotton batting (I got mine from Nancy's Notions).
  • 100% cotton thread
  • 100% cotton printable labels (I got mine from Hobby Lobby. Michael's probably also carries these labels.)
  • washable marking pen

Cotton Batting

Sewing the Hot Pads

I followed Beth's instructions at this link to sew the hot pads. Renegade Seamstress Hot Pads Sewing Instructions. My brief version of her sewing instructions are below.

  1. Attach the cotton batting to the front and the back. I then sewed on my designer label.

  2. Fold the front and back squares in half RIGHT sides together and mark and stitch the darts on the fold. Each dart is 1 inch (2.5 cm over from the fold and 2 inches (5 cm) down from the top and bottom. Trim the darts close to the stitching line.

  3. Open out the front and back and fold in half the other direction. Mark and stitch the darts as indicated above. Trim the darts close to the stitching line.

  4. Open out the front and back squares and pin them RIGHT sides together matching the raw edges and the darts.
  5. Stitch around the raw edges using a 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) seam allowance leaving a 3 inch (7.5 cm) opening for turning.

  6. Trim the corners diagonally and turn right side out and press.
  7. Turn the remaining raw edges to the inside and top stitch around the hot pad.
  8. The finished top

    The finished bottom

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