Measurements and Fit Suupport

To obtain support for measuring and fit issues, please complete the following steps:

  1. Take and save your measurements in your program.
  2. Draft the patterns for the recommended fit garments for your program and save the Style Summary.
  3. Print the patterns for the recommended fit garments.
  4. Mark the balance lines for the chest, hips, and bicep as shown. Use light colored fabric with NO prints or patterns.
  5. Try on the fit garments and note any fit issues or questions.
  6. Take a front, back, and side view of you in your fit garments as illustrated in the examples below. Your head must be visible in all three photos.
  7. Launch your email program and draft an email to support@wildginger.com
  8. Attach the Style Summary and the three photos of you in your fit garments and send them to us. Your style summary can be found in the folder where your program resides in the Summaries folder as shown below.
  9. Include a description of any fitting issues and questions you have.
  10. We typically respond within one business day.