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PMB Garments
Author: SueC56 (Show all albums)

Clothes I've made for myself using PMB. It all started with the shorts I purchased in summer 2009 that didn't fit well at all.
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Who's that lady with the wide hips who's wearing my culottes? ;-) "Butt" at least they fit well!

June 2010 - These are the pants I'm going to wear for my backyard wedding in Sep 2010. They could be longer but given that I'm going to be walking around in the yard, I'm happy with the length. This is not the top I plan to wear with it, but it doesn't look half bad.

June 2010 - Denim culotte shorts (version 2) I made as a trial before making long culottes. In the long version I'm going to lower the waist a little more and reduce the hip ease just a tad.

Anything I can/should do about the wrinkles across the back waist?

April 2010 - Spring colors for Easter. This was the classic blouse, straight short sleeve, v-neck no collar, one inch flare at the hemline. When I reach forward, the blouse feels tight across the back, which I assume is at least partly due to the fact that it's a tailored blouse. Suggestions welcome! Sue

March 2010 - Close up of machine embroidery.

March 2010 - Project is now complete with the addition of the embroidery. I considered adding a border around the bottom, but didn't think that would be flattering. I considered adding a band down the outside of the arm, but the sleeves are cut on the bias and didn't think that would lay well, not to mention might be difficult to attach without distorting the shape of the sleeves. I'm happy with the way it looks with just the one piece of trim.
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