Newbie needs help
Posted 2010-10-10 2:30 AM (#67944)
Subject: Newbie needs help

I've just bought the Click and Sew 1101. This is the first Wild Ginger product I have purchased. My daughter measured me and I printed off a pattern and started to made it up from an old unused t-shirt. I hadn't sewed the sleeves on but I could see when I tried it on that there was excess fabric around the armhole so I pinched it out to form a dart as per page 59 of the users guide. I measured the depth of the pinch as 2 cm (1 cm for each side of the dart). So then I went in to the Dart Override setting and set it at 0.75 (roughly equivalent to 2 cm.). I then printed off the pattern again and having read the instructions a bit more started to cut out the garment in non stretch material. I cut out the back then realized that the dart in the front seemed to be rather large and the armhole was now square!
Help! Is this correct? Should I have doubled the pinch measurement or not ? I've spent a lot of time so far getting this far so hope someone can reassure me or otherwise.
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Karen - Tech Support
Posted 2010-10-10 7:20 AM (#67950 - in reply to #67944)
Subject: RE: Newbie needs help

Tech Support

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Make your fitting garment from a woven fabric.  Put in the sleeve. 

You must have the sleeve in to determine a DO.

Before you do anything else, send your chart to  Click on print and copy and paste into an email.

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