IPad Woes
Karen - Tech Support
Posted 2017-07-14 11:09 AM (#92135)
Subject: IPad Woes

Tech Support

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

In the last two weeks both Lisa and I have had our IPad suddenly deactivate.  (I was going away for a few days when mine did this - very unhappy)

One option is to connect to the Activation Server but it give a message it is temporarily down.

We both had to activate through I tunes.  With  mine I had to work with Apple.  It asks for the original Apple Password.  Mine didn't work.

When going to Apple Help they wanted my serial number and IMEI.  Finally I was able to get help when they realized I couldn't get that info from my tablet because it would not open.  I now have these numbers in a safe place - hopefully never to need again.

When I asked why this had happened I received a vague " many thing can do it."  I found a couple of more posts about this happening in the last couple of weeks.

I do sinc my tablet once a month.  Reading more if they can't get it going you have to reset and upload your stuff again. 

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