MS Surface Pro
Posted 2015-08-23 4:24 PM (#90213)
Subject: MS Surface Pro


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I was thinking about purchasing the Surface Pro 3. Has anyone purchased one? Can you give me the 411? Do you like it? and the BIG question - how is PMB 6 working on it?

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Tall Karen
Posted 2015-08-24 1:20 PM (#90215 - in reply to #90213)
Subject: RE: MS Surface Pro

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I'm thinking the same thing but am kind of waiting until the pro 4 comes out in October. Looking forward to feedback.....

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Grandma C
Posted 2015-08-25 12:12 PM (#90216 - in reply to #90213)
Subject: Re: MS Surface Pro

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I have a surface RX that I used for 2 years and then passed it on to Granddaughter and she uses it for college. The RX is much more limited than the pro3 but it is a good sturdy little notebook. I laid it on the roof of the car to help Ronnie in the car and forgot and drove the car off. I panicked when I caught a glimpse of it sliding off and hitting the pavement as I drove off. I was in tears as I stopped and picked it up with a few scratches but all in one piece. I booted it up and never had a problem with it. Sturdy, sturdy!
Belinda Lindy
As a side note, I'll give an update on my husbands post stroke condition. He is beginning to talk more and in sentences. Oh! he is driving again also. Not alone but with another driver with him. His type one diabetes is a complicating factor.
Sorry to hijack the thread but am thrilled with his current progress. It is 31 months now and we are still improving in tiny increments. I hope to be back sewing soon.
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Posted 2015-08-25 8:41 PM (#90217 - in reply to #90216)
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It's a long, long slog to recover from a stroke. You make my heart smile Grandma C !
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