PMB6 Lack of sleeve option
Posted 2014-10-25 8:08 PM (#88939)
Subject: PMB6 Lack of sleeve option


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I want to make a blouse with PMB6. I want a sleeve, but when I try to move the shoulder over towards my neck, the only sleeve option I have is a facing. Whether I use Edit Fit Default or neck width and shoulder length in the blouse options. The end of one shoulder is shorter from my neck than the other. I'm lopsided.

Is there a way I can do this?

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Karen - Tech Support
Posted 2014-10-26 6:26 AM (#88942 - in reply to #88939)
Subject: Re: PMB6 Lack of sleeve option

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You should consider using two charts. The program is designed for a left and right side.

If you want you can send us a picture of you wearing your fit garment so we can take a look at the shoulders. Most of the time it is the "shoulder height" that needs to be adjusted. This would be don't in the settings for the chart for each side.
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