fanfold regular size paper
Posted 2014-07-15 7:46 AM (#88313)
Subject: fanfold regular size paper


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I purchased a box of 1000 sheet, fanfold paper at Amazon for track printers.   It's easy to tear off the holes of small numbers of sheets, so I always print portrait & one column at a time, worked well for me.  It was a big help.  Quality is fine for this purpose, however, getting the crosses/pies to print was tricky or non-existent.  But found I didn't really need them as long as I limited my printing to one column at a time.  Also, this restricts you to using only portrait printing so is fine for the home sewer.  Professionally, it's up to you.  I can't remember what I paid but it was actually cheaper per sheet than 20lb. copy paper.  If it doesn't work, have a tearing/ripping party & get your friends to take all the holes off & separate pages & use as regular paper.  Please don't waste the blank paper! 

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Posted 2014-07-15 4:34 PM (#88318 - in reply to #88313)
Subject: Re: fanfold regular size paper

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Which printer are you using?? I' been using fanfold on my old Lexmark for years but it died and I'm back to individual sheets.
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