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This is directed at Karen since I asked her what machine she uses for her embroidery, but would love to have others join in. If you have something other than a Brother Quatro 2, I would love to hear about your machine, too.

I went to the Brother site and looked at the Quartro 2. The description of the machine leans heavily on embroidery and quilting. How is it for garment sewing? I could not find much information about the buttonholes and various stitches.

My primary home machine is a seventeen year old Bernina. It is still working fine, but I know I might have to think about replacing it one of these days. I have a Brother embroidery machine, one of the first generation. I do embroider, but not that often. I am trying to keep myself up to date on what is available. I don't want to go to a dealer just yet to look and try. I have had mixed experiences doing that.

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Karen - Tech Support
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I've never done a button hole with it. Just bought it last fall. I still have my Janome 9000.

I had a Brother only embroidery machine I sold when I bought the sewing/embroidery machine.

Not sure how much longer the 9000 will last so wanted a machine that could replace it as well.

Straight stitch is perfect. Also done zigzag. Not sure I've done a blind hem on it.

Only complaint is the snap on zipper foot it came with - no way can you do a nice zipper with it. Looks like it's designed for centered zippers only. But then again my Janome came with the same type, as were the Bernina when I was teaching. I have a straight stitch/zipper foot for my Janome. I checked and they make a low shank version I'm thinking of getting to see if it works on the Quatro.

For embroidery I like the camera feature. I can use a special marker for placement and it finds it, or I can mark the area another way - I use draping tape or narrow quilters take, it scans the area and then I cam place my design where I want it. Camera also works if you break a thread. Can turn it on and back up to the exact stitch. It magnifies the area.
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I have some familiarity with the Brother machines. The Brother Quattro 2 (6700D) (and yes, it has 2 TTs in the name) is definitely the top of the line for Embroidery/Sewing. Their new line of products, V-Series, has some nice features. One of the people at the store said that the Quattro is still the best for embroidery and the Dreamweaver has features favoring the quilters. You can get a combo S/E machine or just sewing or just embroidery. I have contacts at the local Brother store so can get more information, if needed. The biggest question will probably be whether to have one combo machine or two separate (sewing vs embroidery) machines. That will be based on budget, space and sewing needs.

Sue C
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I have used HusqvarnaViking machines for about the last 20 years. I have owned a Designer Diamond sewing/embroidery machine for about 4 1/2 years. I also have a Designer 1, older machine. I like the sensor system and on the Diamond the Design Positioning feature and the Design Shaping feature, and of course the large hoop. I enjoy this machine, so that's my 2 cents.
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I have a Viking Designer 1 that I never bonded with. I now also have a Babylock Ellissimo that I love for embroidery. I also keep going to it more and more for sewing. My old Viking 1+ had been my basic sewing machine.
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I have the Diamond too and I love it for embroidery but, the machine I use for garment sewing is a Pfaff 7570. The built in walking foot is worth it's weight in gold, IMO. Puckered seams are a thing of the past and it's great for sewing on knits too. I bought a used one about six yrs ago for the decorative stitches Jenny Haskins used that the Viking didn't have. Then I discovered how wonderful it sews and it was over for me, I fell in love, lol. I don't know if the new Pfaff sew as well. I'll stick with the 7570 until it dies.

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I have a Janome 11000 that does a good job at both embroidery and any kind of sewing I want to do. For whatever reason, I don't love it though. Had I to do it over again, I would buy two separate machines, one for embroidery only and one for regular sewing. Space is an issue, so I ended up with a machine that does it all. For a backup machine, I bought a vintage Elna - from a time when they really were Swiss made...and I LOVE this machine. I always tell my husband that if we have to save one machine or the other (we live in wild fire prone area,) save the Elna!! I have never loved a machine until this one. I think I paid all of $100 for it, it came with tons of cams and therefore does lots of different stitches.
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Posted 2013-06-10 8:38 PM (#85574 - in reply to #85573)
Subject: RE: Quartro 2

I have a 'vintage' Elna supermatic 62C that was my Mothers. It cost a 'bomb' when she bought it in the mid 1970s second hand. The family saved for months. About a months wages at the time.
I love it. It sews beautifully and other modern machines look 'rubbish' compared to the Elna which has a metal body.
It also has great sentimental value.
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Subject: RE: Quartro 2

I use a brother pc 420. I bought it for garment sewing because it had a auto cutter. I don't like the button holes, I think the button hole foot just doesn't work well either.
I have a janome memory craft 4000, it is old and the presser foot wouldn't grip anymore, I brought it in for fixing and it works ok, but I only use it for buttonholes, because I think the janome buttonholes are the best. the buttonhole foot really grips when doing a buttonhole, it has metal grip, where as the brother has plastic. If my old janome ever quits I think I would have to get another janome, just for the buttonholes

I have a bernia deco 600 embroidery machine, and it had many problems, from the start. I had to get a new chip in it. It is quite old. I don't like the bernia dealer now, the old one died and someone else bought it out I guess, and I would not do business with him. I never got into embroidery much, It is not connected to a computer. My son knocked it off the table, don't ask me how, but I have not used it since, I figure it will never work after that. embroidery always seemed to be such a hassle and never worked out right, always something would go wrong, it would stop and thread would break and then I spent hours trying to fix things. everything was very expensive and I just didn't find much use for it.

I would love a machine with the dual feed, but I have not been able to get one so far. the prices are high, but I keep looking.

I like the separate machine for embroidery and for sewing. If I were to go back to embroidery i would get an embroidery only machine it they still have them.
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Thank you to all who have volunteered information. I think it is very helpful to share experiences with machines. I collect old machines, so I am never going to be without something to sew with, even if it is just one of my treadles. But, I do prefer up to date modern machines for my sewing.

It seems that it is very hard to find a machine that does a good buttonhole. My old Touch and Sew Singer made a better buttonhole than my TOL Bernina. Maybe the way to go is to put a buttonhole attachment on one of my old machines.

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