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Our free software demos, FREE Wild Things and free iCare programs are available below. Wild Things and iCare are free fully functioning programs. The PatternMaster and Cameo demos are fully functioning programs but do not save or print patterns. The Stitch-n-Stash demo will allow you to save 5 records.

Please NOTE: You may see a message indicating that this type of file could harm your computer. This is a generic message displayed by Windows and does not indicate a problem with the download. Choose Save or Save As to continue the download.

To download and install a demo:

  1. Choose one of the links below to download the demo setup files.
  2. Choose to SAVE the file to your computer.
  3. Please note where you are saving the file. We suggest the Documents or Downloads folder.
  4. Once the file has been saved, close your web browser and go to the location where you saved the files.
  5. Double click on the file to begin the installation.
  6. DO NOT install demos in the Windows Program Files folder. We recommend that you install in the default location.

PLEASE READ: Wild Ginger programs require the Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile. See below.

PatternMaster v5 Demos

  • PatternMaster software programs are for the home sewing enthusiast who wants their entire wardrobe, customized to their unique body shape and measurements.
  • PatternMaster software comes with complete style libraries for you to pick and choose the style and design options you like, as well as a yardage calculator and our advanced CAD feature for pattern editing.
  • All PatternMaster programs have a 90-day money back guarantee.

PatternMaster Boutique drafts sewing patterns for daywear, maternity, business wear, and formal wear for the adult woman.

    PatternMaster x5 Boutique Demo - 24MB

PatternMaster Knits drafts sewing patterns daywear, maternity, business wear, and formal wear specially drafted for knit fabrics for the adult woman.

    PatternMaster x5 Knits Demo - 34MB

PatternMaster Curves drafts sewing patterns for foundation garments, lingerie, activewear, and swimwear for the adult woman.

    PatternMaster x5 Curves Demo - 22MB

PatternMaster Applause for Women drafts women's historic garments including main garments, under garments, outer garments, and accessories from ancient times through the 19th century.

    PatternMaster x5 Applause Women Demo - 22MB

PatternMaster Tailor Made drafts shirts, jackets, activewear, and pants for the adult male.

    PatternMaster x5 Tailor Made Demo - 21MB

PatternMaster Child's Play drafts patterns for both boys and girls from infants up to about age 16.

    PatternMaster x5 Child's Play Demo - 21MB

Cameo v5 Demo

  • Sample patterns and styles have been included to allow you to view and try all of the tools and features in Cameo v5.
  • Cameo v5 is available for immediate download upon purchase. A back up CD and full color printed User's Guide can be purchased for an additional charge.
  • Cameo v5 has a 15-day money back guarantee on all modules and libraries.

Click the link below to download the Cameo v5 Demo setup file.

    Cameo v5 Demo Setup - 53 MB

Wild Things

FREE Wild Things is a fully functional FREE and fun program for drafting and printing patterns for hats, bags, wraps, belts, footwear, and other accessories.

    FREE Wild Things! - 12.25 MB

Wild Things Pets is a fun program for drafting and printing patterns for clothing, hats, and accessories for your pets. You can specify the measurements and dimensions for each item.

    Wild Things Pets - 11 MB

FREE iCare Medical Patterns

  • iCare is a fully functioning FREE program for creating gowns, pajamas, and accessories for patient medical care.
  • This program is provided free of charge to anyone who wishes to sew garments for non-profit and charitable purposes.
  • iCare is NOT licensed for business or commercial use.

    FREE iCare - 7.48 MB

Stitch-n-Stash Demo

  • catalog your fabric stash, pattern collection, notions, books, magazines, articles, and sources of supplies.
  • track your current and finished sewing, garment construction, cross stitch, quilting, embroidery, and needlework projects.
  • view your fabric and notions stash along side your patterns to determine which fabrics may be suitable for each design.
  • print your fabrics, patterns, and notions information to take with you to the fabric store.

    Stitch-n-Stash - 7.48 MB

Microsoft .NET Framework Client Profile 4 - REQUIRED

  • Download this file ONLY if your computer cannot be connected to the internet during the installation process.
  • Save this file to your computer and install it before installing the demo file.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile - 41 MB